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Lifelong IT Consultant. Was once dead for 20 minutes and now can’t shut up about it. HA and TBI Survivor.
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We all had those friends in college who were the “attractive ones”. You’d go to a party, and every girl in the place would be interested in them. They had many dates. They had many girlfriends.

One such friend, “Brian”, showed up at one of our college parties with a…

There are days I wish I hadn’t lived. I don’t let them defeat me.

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In August 2015, I suffered a widowmaker heart attack which left me dead for 20 minutes. The event left me with a traumatic brain injury and with that comes debilitating fatigue and severe headaches. I have learned how to use mindfulness, meditation, naps, exercise, journaling, and other tools to manage…

I ignored them, but every thing they said is true

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A few years ago, our family had a garden. It seemed appropriate. Our children were young. We had a desire to teach them how to garden; how to grow, harvest, prepare, and eat their own food. …

I hope I made a difference

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I coached recreational league youth soccer for a decade. The goal of the league was to teach kids how to play soccer, have fun, participate , and develop life skills, such as teamwork. Kids develop at uneven levels. Some are much more coordinated than others by age seven. Others will…

I lead a pretty full existence for someone who was dead over 20 minutes, but I feel like I can accomplish more.

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Anxiety and depression are close relatives. They accompany each other on trips to the grocery store, to the beach, or out to dinner. Everywhere we go, they go too. Normally when you get anxiety, it’s accompanied by some of the worst thoughts imaginable.

I am a heart attack survivor. Heart…

Instead, share honestly about your past misdeeds and your words will be far more effective

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I grew up in western Nebraska in a very small town. When I was 15 or 16, several of us would get an older person to buy us alcohol and leave it at a designated spot. We would pick it up, then take it to our campsite for the evening…

Note: Many TBI survivors and those suffering from concussion after-effects ask about neuropsyhcologists and neuropsych evaluations. This chapter describes what I went through with both. I hope it helps.

On September 20, 2016, a month after I started speech therapy and thirteen months after my heart attack, Heidi and I…

You desperately need to conserve it

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There was a time in my life when simple tasks weren’t a problem. They were simple, hence the meaning of the word. Calculating a 20% tip at a restaurant wasn’t rocket science. It was easy. …

This is what happened the day I died.

My dead heart — Photo by Author (kind of)

Below is an excerpt from my memoir, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe”. It is from the chapter, “Day of Death”, explaining what happened when I died from a widowmaker heart attack. I plan to write about my experience of being dead, then having to recover from it. …

I still need 100 followers to meet the new deadline, and I could use your help!

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I am new to Medium. I’m learning the platform. I purchased a training course from Tim Denning to get myself up to speed quickly, and it’s been quite beneficial.

Now it’s time for me to put in the work and see where this goes.

To answer Liz’s question…

“Why did you decide to write on Medium?”

  • What or…

Jon Johnston

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