Announcing “Manage Your Damage -Heart Attack Survivor”

Jon Johnston
3 min readApr 21, 2022

I am happy to announce I’ve published another book, “Manage Your Damage — Heart Attack Survivor”. The book is targeted at heart attack survivors. I have recovered a lot of my life since August 2015. I feel very fortunate. The book details a list of issues I’ve struggled with and the strategies I’ve used to overcome them, particularly fatigue, memory loss, anger, anxiety, and depression. Those issues are common to heart attack survivors.

Manage Your Damage — Heart Attack Survivor” is available at Amazon as a paperback and ebook. Both formats are available through other retailers around the world. You can use the universal link below to find where they’re available.

Universal Book Link — “Manage Your Damage — Heart Attack Survivor.”

It’s been a goal since early in my life to write and publish a book… but I always expected to write the Great American Novel. I read a lot of sci-fi in my youth. All the greats — H. G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, and many others. Heinlein. William Gibson. I always thought I’d write a great science fiction novel of my own.

God, life, fate, the universe — whatever you’d prefer to call it — has pushed me in a different direction. I wrote the story of my heart attack and recovery in a book called, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe”. It’s certainly not a novel or science fiction. I discussed writing a book about what I’ve gone through with my cardiologist. He encouraged me to do it. “I wouldn’t trust you to write a book about placing a stent”, was the exact line he said that made me realize I had something to offer even though I have no medical background.

I am a survivor.

I’ve done well to recover my life. “Manage Your Damage” details the what I’ve done to do that. This book is directed at heart attack survivors. I’m working on another directed at traumatic brain injury survivors because that world can be a living hell all its own. I would appreciate it if you’d share the news about the book. It might help anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression, it just happens to be targeted at heart attack survivors. If you read it, I’d appreciate any feedback. I’d especially appreciate reviews on Amazon, even if you’re just going…



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